The Last Victim: A Novel

by Elaine Bossik

Sophie Rothman lives in Brooklyn, New York. She has a husband, a family, a home.

But Sophie has a twisted obsession — hoarding money. And her obsession drives her husband, Harry, away for long periods.

Sophie's loneliness during Harry's absence leads her into a secret affair and an unwanted pregnancy. She begs Harry to return and then deceives him into believing the child she's carrying is his.

Sophie soon gives birth to Jeanie, and the fate of the child hinges on Sophie keeping her secret.

Find out what happens to Jeanie. Get The Last Victim, a romance novel about love, betrayal, and the consequences of lies.

Book Review:

"The Last Victim is a choice read... very much recommended."

Midwest Book Review

The Author

Elaine Bossik had three careers: as magazine editor, medical writer and teacher in the New York City school system.

She received BA and MS degrees from Brooklyn College (City University of New York), and now serves as a staff columnist for

She believes that really great stories begin and end with provocative characters.

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY and as a young adult traveling in Israel, she found the rich details for the events that take place in this novel.

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The News

The Palm Beach Post:

"Boynton woman drew from life experiences in writing first novel"

While writing The Last Victim, Elaine Bossik often felt like she was watching an enthralling play.

"The characters took on a life of their own. They did things I didn't plan on," she explains.

But penning the recently published manuscript wasn't always easy.

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Author Interviewed By Business Radio-X

Elaine Bossik, author of "The Last Victim," was interviewed by Kevin Finn on Business Radio-X for their Audio Dust Jacket radio show. The interview took place on Saturday, March 2nd at 10:00 a.m.

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